Monday, August 13, 2007

Olympians Share Olympic Spirit At Coeus

Olympians past, present & future joined Athletics Director Nathaniel Mills in robust dialog at Coeus International School in Washington, DC, about the capacity of individuals to effect peace through the Olympic Movement. The roster included:

Cindy Stinger (Team Handball)
Dick Fosbury (Track & Field)
Linda Miller (Rowing)
John Naber (Swimming)
Gary Hall (Swimming)
Nathaniel Mills (Speedskating)
Derek Brown (Team Handball)
Jair Lynch (Gymnastics)
Connie Paraskevin (Cycling, Speedskating)
Eli Wolff (Soccer)
John McCullough (Soccer)
Joey Cheek (Speedskating)

They were also joined by Olympic coach Audrey Weisiger (Figure Skating) and several up-and-coming elite athletes:

Marthell Vazquez (Soccer)
Kierra Foster (Athletics)
Marissa Gentry (Swimming)
Lucas Mills (Speedskating)

Coeus International School's Olympism Athletics program instills Olympism values in its students by way of Olympic-caliber instruction in a variety of athletic disciplines, including Tae Kwon Do (with Olympic gold medalist Arlene Limas), yoga, capoiera, tai chi, skating, and hiking.

The Olympism Project delivers values education within the Olympic Movement and sport worldwide. The Project creates & supports educational, training, and research ventures worldwide that foster Olympism principles: Fair Play & Sportsmanship; Joy in Effort & Pursuit of Excellence; Inclusiveness & Service; Peace & Global Citizenship.